• Thank you for organising yet another brilliant event before half term. I have been to a number of these…not run by you!…and there is often a problem with refereeing when young people are involved.The CRC students were absolutely FANTASTIC and so supportive of the children.It was lovely to have Loius Rolfe there as well.

Paul Bryant, Headteacher, William Westley CE Primary School

  • Thank you so much for organising the Cross Country event for Years 3 to 6. The children, parents and I all had a fantastic time. Lovely to see the children cheering and congratulating each other. We had a quiet coach journey back to school.

Lizzy Bennett, Assistant Head, St Laurence Catholic Primary School

  • Many thanks to everyone who organized the event – the children had a fantastic time participating and are already looking forward to next year!

Rebekah Denby, PE Coordinator,  Cherry Hinton CE Primary School

  • Thanks for everything, tremendous job by one and all and very much appreciated!

Charlotte Wynn, PE Coordinator, Abbey Meadows Primary School

  • Many thanks as always to you all for organising such a fantastic event. The children are thrilled and have really enjoyed taking part. It worked really well with the younger children as well.

Mick Collard, PE Coordinator, St Matthews  Primary School

  • Thank you for a fantastic event.  Brilliantly organised by you all.  The children and parents absolutely loved being there and, as Mick said,  were thrilled when I told them we had won. I am delighted too. Thank you again.

Tony Davies, Headteacher, St Matthews Primary School

  • Thanks for organising, it was a fantastic event!

Alex Sears, PE Coordinator, Shirley Primary School

  • All the children enjoyed themselves immensely and loved the event – thank you to all those who organised it.

Richard Brown, Headteacher, Great Wilbraham CE Primary School

  • Thank you again for a fantastic gymnastics event! The children had an amazing time and were so excited to see the gymnast perform and to be in such a great gym!

Hayley Plater, Bewick Bridge Community Primary School

  • Thanks for organising the Gymnastics competition the children had a wonderful time.

Lizzy Bennett, Assistant Head, St Laurence Catholic Primary School

  • The children really enjoyed the Young Leader training so thank you very much.

Juliet Edwards, Pe Coordinator, St Philips CEA Primary School

  • Thank you so much for the Young Leader Certificates – I know the children will be very proud to receive them.

Annie Rhodes, Pe Coordinator, The Grove Primary School

  • I just wanted to let you know how amazing Balanceability has been.The children have loved it and we have seen a real change in the children in the classroom with both fine and gross motor skills.It is of course really all down to Lisa who has delivered it…she is AMAZING…..so organised…so positive…and always smiley and cheerful.
    THANK YOU so much for giving the children this fantastic experience.

Paul Bryant, Headteacher, William Westley CE Primary School

  • Thank you so much for training you delivered to our Mid Day supervisors. It had an instant impact to the way they were interacting with the children at lunchtime yesterday.

Lizzy Bennett, Assistant Head, St Laurence Catholic Primary School

  • Thank you so much for organising yet another brilliant event in such a fantastic venue.Thank  you also for letting us gate crash a second team!! You give children the most wonderful sporting opportunities but you also create opportunities to build self belief and confidence which spills over into all areas of life…THANK YOU.

Paul Bryant, Headteacher, William Westley CE Primary School

  • Dear Cath and Lisa, Thank you for yet again  organising such a fantastic event for the children in a fantastic venue .All your events are so well organised and carried out in such an encouraging and positive environment. It is GREATLY valued and appreciated…the children absolutely loved it…THANK YOU.

Paul Bryant, Headteacher, William Westley CE Primary School

  • I’ve been talking to our Reception teacher about the writing in Reception and general all round physical development and she was saying it all stems from the brilliant Balanceability training they get…THANK YOU.

William Westley CE Primary School

  • Thanks for a great rugby competition last week. Our team of 6 girls and 2 boys were a bit outclassed but enjoyed the experience

Mary William’s, Milton Road Primary School

  • Thanks very much for coming. It was really useful and the children loved it. These resources look great too.

Susie Wilson, Shirley Community Primary School

  • I would like to say a big thank you for putting on such a brilliant event this morning. The children absolutely loved it. We have a lunchtime time club that play mini table tennis and table cricket and I was wondering if we were able to borrow the new age curling kit to introduce the children to it. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t realise how good! I would like us to try it out and if successful invest in one set or two for our school.

Diana McGrath, Bottisham Primary School

  • Cath and Georgie were very informative and made all of the activities easily accessible for all. The Team Building event was great! They were involved the whole time and really encouraged the children. They were very friendly and helped the children as much as possible, whilst letting them also discover for themselves.

Lucy Croft, Teversham Primary School