Learning Through Sport and Competition



This year we want to make sure that all of our competitions provide a rich and positive learning experience for all young people so we will be promoting the ‘Spirit of the Games’ values at our events and would like to encourage schools to get involved by ensuring their children know what these values mean and why they are important in sport, school and everyday life. With this in mind we have put together a power point presentation which schools can use in an assembly or with individual classes to introduce the 6 values and to get children thinking about what they mean and how we can learn from sport.


At our competitions along with the usual certificates we give out, schools will be given a set of ‘spirit of the games’ values stickers to reward to children back in school who have best demonstrated the different values. Whilst as well as rewarding the winners and runners up at each of our competitions we will also be recognising the team/school that has shown good sportsmanship and best demonstrated these sporting values and they will get presented a ‘Spirit of the Games’ award. For this to have worth it’s important that all schools make sure their children are aware of these values and what they mean.

These values are not only important in sport but also the wider school context and everyday life. You may want to consider how you can promote them or use them in your schools, for example:

• Do they link to your whole school values or can they be used as rewards for PE & sport?

• Can school sport/competition and these values support an ethos of aspiration and personal best in your school?

• Can you use these values to promote inclusive opportunities for all young people –so it’s not always just the best team/performer that gets recognised?

We have also developed some codes of conduct to tie in with this work on sporting values. They are something that schools may wish to adopt or they may be a starting point from which schools/pupils could develop their own codes of conduct.

We have already had some good feedback from schools on these new resources.

* Please email us at csspadmin@netherhall.cambs.sch.uk for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to use in your school. The full version includes teacher notes and video clips.


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